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Our beloved pets

Our beloved pets

Our relationship with our little cat, our little dog, or whatever other pet we have is undoubtedly a lifelong relationship. They offer us not only companionship, consolation, sweetness, and warmth but also love and care with their constant presence. Especially for those who live alone due to certain circumstances (think, for example, of the quarantine period), they feel very lonely, more down, and perhaps an endless loneliness.

However, contact with animals at home functions not only as sweet companionship but also as an anxiolytic. If we spend even a few minutes with our beloved pet, we feel less stressed and less sorrow, as biochemically explained: cortisol, the stress hormone, decreases, and serotonin, the hormone of happiness, increases when we come into contact with our pets.

Moreover, we don't fall psychologically when we know that under the same roof with us lives a creature that needs our care. Even the routine that comes with a pet, such as a walk, feeding, and playing, helps us organize our own routine and not succumb to idleness and boredom.

And of course, acquiring a pet is underestimated and described inadequately if it passes only through the mental process of "it will do me good." This is a problematic start because our relationships with our little animals are much more than that.

Scientific studies state that the presence of pets in our lives plays a significant role in our psychology. For instance, a dog can change the entire mental composition of a person suffering from a mental disorder such as melancholy or even worse, depression, according to experts.

If we then focus on the aspect of health and well-being, it is proven that exercise, along with the dog, helps us stay in shape and improve our physical endurance. Then there is the petting. We enjoy contact and touch through the contact we have with our little pets.

Our pets are always there - without emotional barriers - direct and receptive. Let's allow ourselves to "adopt" some of their habits, such as the need for contact, joy, and play.