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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to perceive and express their emotions, to understand and justify the reasons behind their emotions, and to manage them effectively. This applies to both the individual and the people around them.

5 elements of emotional intelligence:

Self-awareness: Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Know your tendencies and what triggers them.

Self-regulation: Learn techniques to calm yourself, return to your emotions, reflect before making decisions.

Social skills: Connect with others, listen carefully, and manage disagreements. Have confidence that your ideas contribute to dialogue.

Empathy: Be aware of your emotions and the opinions of others. Practice kindness aiming to be generous, reliable, and slow to judge.

Motivation: Confront challenges head-on. Work one step at a time. Take time to celebrate and reassess when you reach a goal.

Emotional intelligence is a continuous effort to better understand ourselves and others. Don't expect instant results. Changes always happen slowly and require persistence. A good idea is to set goals within timeframes (e.g., in 6 months, I want to feel a bit more comfortable in public speaking) and track your progress. There will be setbacks and moments of disappointment, but with steady steps, you will succeed.