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Therapeutic Process

Therapeutic Process

At the beginning, the goals of therapy are clarified. What we want to achieve with the therapy is established. This is accomplished through the collaboration of the therapist and the individual seeking therapy, using various questions posed by the therapist. The clearer the goals of therapy (both primary and specific), the higher the likelihood of their success.

Subsequently, the therapist's task is to try to categorize the case, in other words, to make a systemic therapeutic diagnosis to broaden the goals of therapy. Then, the therapist will formulate therapeutic hypotheses, relying on research data and possibly various therapeutic approaches. Essentially, the therapist will seek evidence in the individual's relationships with others in their life.

Next, the therapist will engage in therapeutic interventions during sessions and carefully study the reactions of the individual seeking therapy. This way, the therapeutic hypotheses will be empirically tested and are likely to be modified based on the needs of the individual, which become apparent during the course of therapy.

The interaction between the therapist and the individual seeking therapy will play a dominant role in the therapeutic process. Various techniques will be employed by the therapist.

This process between the therapist and the individual seeking therapy will continue until the issue of the individual seeking therapy is resolved.