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Our bodies as adolescents and young individuals.

Our bodies as adolescents and young individuals.

The discussion with children and young individuals about their bodies, the reproductive system, changes in adolescence, and their body image should take place in ways that include all bodies with their diversity. This ensures the inclusion and affirmation of the various expressions of bodily diversity among teenagers and young individuals.

Despite some positive steps, discussions about the body and changes in adolescence often adhere to more binary models (male-female) across all educational levels. While physical development is presented as "objective," intersex bodies and trans bodies, if mentioned, are portrayed either as abnormal or as bodies undergoing suffering. Therefore, there is a need for a more comprehensive and complete integration of LGBTQI+ diversity into the teaching of all Sexual Education subjects.

It is essential to expand for a more holistic, accurate, and certainly more positive approach to bodily development. Therefore, we are not only talking about inclusion in existing structures or complete integration into existing ones, but about a revision and reshaping of the fundamental frameworks of dialogue. Consequently, broadening our understanding of all genders (biological and social) and all sexualities will help in studying and understanding them together, rather than in opposition.

We aim to understand the various experiences throughout the life cycle, whether they are common or different, in a way that ensures validation and effectively contributes to the empowerment, psychological, and physical well-being of our children and adolescents across the spectrum of their biological sex, gender identity, and sexuality.